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We present you our sim racing league, Seven Stars Fast. This league is created in order to help sim racers to progress in their passion accordingly to their level and having an experience as a racing team.

We aim to push the sim racing as close as possible to the reality as a real team. Which means that in our league we thought about a progress system and role attribution.  there is different levels that works like real licences for drivers and different roles for the team.

We thought of looking as close as possible to the reality to access the league and the different levels.

[NEW] We work as following:

1. You need to register.
2. You must present yourself at the Team Office sections and choose your role(s).
3. If you’re unsure to join the league, you can participate in one open. After five days, you need to decide  if you want to register and choose a role or simply leave.
4. If you are interested to join directly the league, just post in the 7SF Rookie Entry League for drivers role. For others roles, just Introduce Yourself and we will see what role(s) you are interested. There’s a topic for this effect.
5. We will put driver role in a future championship in that section to evaluate your level. Otherwise, depending on the role(s) you choose, we will test you for that.
6. If you’re qualified to enter the league, welcome. Otherwise, you can participate in our coaching section to enhance your level and take a new chance for driver role.

[Driver Role] When you collect some amounts of races, you can progress to the next level. Just repeat the process starting by the 4th point to have a chance to enter the next level which is the Amateur level. And so on for the next levels. You can also stay in your current level is you wish to.

You cannot skip levels. You must progress step by step.

We are also aiming e-sports. A section will eventually come out soon.
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