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7SF Rookie Entry League Championship Regulations

on Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:01 pm
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Seven Stard Fast presents the 7SF Rookie Entry League Championship. This is your main door to enter the league and its main events. Please, make sure that you read the following regulations and that you meet the requirements before entering this championship.

The first requirement to enter the championship is to be an active member of the forum and that you had raced on some open events from the league.

Number of drivers

We allow at the beginning 10 drivers per championship. The number of drivers will rise up as soon as the demand expand and we will change the regulations.

The cars

The car that we will use is the Toyota 86 and Toyota GT86 both in road G class. You're lucky, you can choose either left hand drive or right hand drive Wink


Saturday (TBA) - Dubai Autodrome Club - 5 Laps
Saturday (TBA) - Red Bull Ring National - 5 Laps
Wednesday (TBA)- Snetterton 200 - 4 Laps
Wednesday (TBA) - Brands Hatch Indy - 6 Laps
Thursday (TBA) - Hockenheim Short - 4 Laps
All races will use a standing start.

Server Settings

  • No visual trajectories
  • Default setups
  • Manual Gearbox
  • ABS authorized
  • Traction Control authorized
  • Full damages
  • Mechanical issues
  • No ghosting
  • Manual pitstops
  • Real tyre wear
  • Fuel consumption


In case of absence, please notice us at least 24H before the event. You can post your absence in the race description topic. Bare in mind that you risk to not pass to the next level if you miss a race.

Report someone

If a driver was unintentionally dirty, you can speak to him privately to arrange the situation. If he does the same thing again, you can take a video evidence of the behavior, and send it to the administrators via PM. We will analyse the video and take further decisions. It will be either a warning, a ban or nothing if we think that it is just a race incident. So, be respectful on the track.

If you are on the top 5, you are automatically promoted to the Rookie category and you are now a member of the league (not to be mistaken with active member of the forum).
If you are outside of the top 5, then don’t worry, you can still participate in some open events and participate in the next 7SF Rookie Entry League. Don’t give up. Wink

Nora from Seven Stars Fast
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