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Forum rules:

  1. Respect each others opinion.
  2. Do not post in any section. Use the appropriate section.
  3. No spams at all.
  4. If you have any questions that you don't want everyone to know, don't hesitate to send a PM to the administrators.

League admission rules for driver role:

  1. You cannot enter any levels. You must follow that order: Opens(if unsure to enter the league) -> Rookie -> Amateur -> Semi-Pro -> Pro.
  2. You need a certain amount of races to be able to go to the next level.
  3. You are authorized to stay in your current level if you wish to.

League role's members

[NEW] As the league works as a real team, there are roles to be attributed that you can choose at your presentation.

  • Engineer: As an engineer, you must be capable to setup a car for us by follows the indications of our drivers. To access this role, you need to request us in order to test your setup. We will determined your level and eventually becoming one of our official engineer of the league.

  • Driving Coach : As a coach, you must know the driving properly and know how to give courses to our drivers. To be a coach, you must ask us and we will test your skills. An English level is required.

  • Mental coach: As a mental coach, you need to have a strong spirit to encourage our members. To be a mental coach, you must ask to us and we will test your skills. An English level is required.

  • Race Director: As a race director, you will charge to make sure every drivers respect our reglementation during races or to alert one or multiple drivers. You must speak English, being careful during races and have an objective judgment. To be a race director, you must ask to us and we will test your skills.

  • Track Marshall: As a track marshall, you know how to communicate the behavior of drivers to the race direction. You need to speak English and know how to communicate. To be a track marshall, you need to request us.

  • Presentator : As a presentator, you will live commenting our championnships during our stream. You must speak English, being communicative and know how to use a broadcast software.To be a presentator, you must ask to us and we will make a vocal test.

  • Designer : As a designer, you know how to create a livery depending of the year and/or special events. You must master design softwares such as Photoshop, gimp, and others. To be a designer, you need to ask us, we will test your skills and determine if you have the level required.

  • Moderator : As a moderator, you make sure that within our live stream, the chat is respectful and you deliver repetitive informations such as about the league. You need to be at least one moderator present during our stream. To become a moderator, you must ask us and we will test your seriousness.

  • Streamer: As a streamer, you have your personnal channel and stream regulary on sim racing games and let everyone knows about our league ! You can by this way, only if you are an official member of the league, being automatically hosted in our channel. To be a streamer (hosted automatically), you need to ask us.

  • 7SF Supporters: As a 7SF supporter, you can share to your social network who we are, what we make. This rôle can be delivered for all of you who don't want to get too involved about other roles in the league, we think it's a good idea if you want a simple rôle but really important as well !
    To be a 7SF supporter, you can ask us.

Training rules:

  1. Once you are a member of the league, you can follow the training session's schedule.
  2. You must be present at least once in the training session.

Race rules:

  1. Be present on the server at least 30 minutes in advance.
  2. Setups can be shared if you don't have any or if you don't know how to set up your car.
  3. When you get out of the track due to a crash, you MUST wait for the track to be clean. Otherwise, you could get a penalty that can vary between a time penalty up to a ban of the league.
  4. Lapped cars must stay on their line when being overtook by a faster car.

The rules can be updated and you will be informed. We make them simple.
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