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McgeeK presentation

on Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:13 am
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Name/nickname : benjamin / McgeeK

Age : 26 years old

Country : France

Role : engineer and pilot

Sim racing experience : I started very young with Gran Turismo on ps1, quickly became too arcade game for me and the exit of project cars 1 was the revelation because I am a fan of auto preparation and tuning cars and here I am on pcars 2 since its release

Real life experience : coming from a mechanic family, I always tinker with cars and sim racing has become an obvious

Favorite motorsport category : Groupe A , GT tourisme historique , GTE

How did you find us ? : on Twitch

any expectation about the league ? : improve my driving and ride with serious drivers

Anything more to say : I am available to help drivers settle their car and help them improve their race times, and I am very bad at English lol!
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Re: McgeeK presentation

on Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:30 pm
Welcome McgeeK !

Interesting to know more about your sim racing experience! We understand why you will be an engineer now and I hope that you are going to enjoy your adventure with us Wink

Next step to become a driver is to register at the 7SF Rookie Entry League, please make sure to read our regulation before to sign up!

You apply as well to become an engineer, so we will test you soon for one or two of our official cars of the league.

Don't worry about your English, you speak very well Very Happy

See you soon on training session as you can see in our schedule on our Twitch channel ^^

The next championship will start soon so be prepared!

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