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Proxy's Intro

on Sat Aug 04, 2018 7:38 pm
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Name/nickname: Neo / ProxyMVP

Age: 17

Country: Belgium

[NEW] Role: Driver

Sim Racing experience: I have played a lot of codemasters games and gran turismo and project cars 2 now im still a noob though.

Real life experience: None actually.

Favorite motorsport category: F1.

Biggest Dream (optional): Being a rocket league Pro. I am trying to learn racing now because rocket league is probably going to fail for me.

How did you find us? In the stream of SevenStarsFast

Any expectation about the league? I am expecting fun yet competitive and clean racing.

Anything more to say?
I hope I will be welcomed well with my terrible skills Smile
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Re: Proxy's Intro

on Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:22 pm
Welcome to you ProxyMVP!

Well, you are actually the youngest driver of all our members. You have a decent background on sim racing, I saw that you are doing well on track Very Happy
That is a nice dream! I hope you will have a great experience in sim racing with us.

You are welcome with your level don't worry about that, for sure you will improve fast!

The next step for you is to read our regulations of the championship and to register for the Rookie Entry League Championship to make sure you will be the 3 or 5 first driver on the grid and becoming an official driver of the 7SF League!

I hope you find your expectations into our sim racing league!

See you soon on track for some practice!

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